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Royal Oak Skatepark is a concrete, sheltered skatepark underneath the cover of the A40 underpass. It is sometimes called Meanwhile 2, due to it’s closeness to the bowls in Meanwhile Gardens. It is open 24/7 and free to skate as well as sheltered. The park is unlit so is not skateable at night. It is served by local buses and Underground. The closest station is Royal Oak, which is a 3 minute walk away. 

The park is split into two sides. The first features a halfpipe with a curved bottom and two heights, plus a large gap between. The shallow end of the halfpipe is bowled out and has recently had a ledge added surrounding it. The second half of the park features a hip, bowl corner, flat bank and a T-Block ledge. This park is a smooth skate with a lot of variety so is great for all levels and all types of skater.

Underground: Hammersmith & City Line | Circle Line