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Lake Farm Skatepark is large a concrete outdoor skatepark in Hayes. It is free to skate and accessible 24/7 but is unlit. The parks many different features make it the perfect park forall types of rider both transition or street and is perfect for a full day session with a lot of potential for long flowing lines. Served by local busses and overground, the closest station, Hayes & Harlington is a 20 minute walk away.

The park features include a massive U-shaped bowl with a shallow and a deep section with a spine between them and a small cradle in the corner. Encompassing all levels, this is perfect for skateboarders at any stage. The park’s street section includes a unique a Y-shaped ledge leading to a block and grind rail, a series of ledges, a mellow bank with an upwards curved manny pad, a small 6-stair,an up-and-over waved bridge and a pump bump to help with the flow.

Train Transport: Great Western Rail | TFL Rail