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Wandle Park Skatepark is a nicely balanced street and bowl outdoor park made of concrete. It also has a stone patch in the middle making for interesting and unique lines.

Featuring a lot of variety, this park is perfect for skaters of all levels and is also very popular in the BMX scene. Free to skate and accessible 24/7 but unlit, this park is great for an all-day session and features basketball courts nearby. It is a 13 minute walk from the closest overground station, West Croydon.

The park consists of three main sections: a mini ramp with one side that opens up into the rest of the park, banks and quarter pipes that face onto the middle section and a spine with a small pyramid block and T-block ledge on the other side. It also features a bowled quarter pipe, banks and a regular quarter pipe. This park has a lot of line potential and smooth transitions.

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