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Harrow Skatepark is a classic 1970’s concrete bowled skatepark based in Harrow. It is open 24/7 and free to skate but unlit. As one of the first bowl parks to be opened in the UK in 1978, it is a classic example of a 70s skatepark with long flowing lines that link every obstacle in the park nice and cleanly. Accessible easily at a 13 minute walk from Harrow & Wealdstone over and underground station.

This park features a 4-part clover bowl and a steep half pipe, 2 bowled ends and a 1 ft. vert section. The park also includes an old school pool with tiles and a roll in, a slalom with a roll in and 2 flat banks. There is also an eagle bowl, a 5ft. wooden mini ramp and a 6ft. half pipe with a spine. Due to its age, some parts of the park are a sketchy skate but worth the trip to see it anyway.

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