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Harold Hill Skatepark is an all concrete outdoor park that covers all of the bases. With obstacles for all types of rider this park is great for both street or transition skaters with a layout that allows for long flowing lines. Located in Central Park, Harold Hill it is open daily between 6am and 10:30pm and is free to skate. The park is also great to skate late as it is lit by 2 flood lights. The park is a 25 minute walk from the closest overground station but well served by local busses and worth the journey.

This skatepark has many features. One of the main features of this skatepark is the unusual large clover bowl with pool coping. The three sections of it are at varying depths with the shallowest section being flat bottomed, the deeper, more rounded and whippy and the deepest at 2.5 metres deep. The bowl also features a roll in between the 2 shallower bowls. Aside from the bowl, the park also features a transition and a plaza section.

The transition section includes a quarter pipe which starts above the clover bowl and leads to a spine with a roll over on either side. There is also a return ramp with a quarter pipe which backs onto another bowl forming a volcano between them. The street section includes a flat bank with a rail, hubba and a pole jam, as well as a flat section with a bowled edge which leads up to another flat bank with a stair set, hubba and euro gap. The top platform here then has a flat bank on the corner and a ledge running up the side.

All the features are surrounded by small bumps, making it easy to pump your way around without pushing.

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